MultiAccess II

MultiAccess II

Provides access quickly and easily:

... more than just a tripod!

As always, work in shafts, silos and sewer canals pose great challenges to workplace safety. Frequently there aren’t even enough proper ladders or catwalks available.

MultiAccess II offers a unique solution for all local conditions.

  • Safe entry (mounting) across existing access pathways (ladders, catwalks). Through the easy access point on the tripod, the user can pass through the opening comfortably and safely. The rest of the descent proceeds safely by means of a fall cushioning device that runs alongside it. In dangerous situations, evacuation can process very rapidly. The rescue lifting device allows manual lifting by ratchet or with external power p.e. by powerdrill.
  • Access if there are not other means of access (Tanks, Silos). Here, access can only be provided by hanging from a rope, and in such cases one is really rappelling. MultiAccess II is also suitable for use in these cases, since it is a fully qualified rappelling device compliant with machinery directive.

MultiAccess II consists of:

The device can simple be removed from the adapter

The adapter can simply be removed from the tripod