Full Body Harness

Full body harnesses are equipped with various eyelets. The rear eyelets in the back are suitable for work where the suspension point is above or behind the person to be secured. Harnesses with front eyelets in the chest area are suitable for work where the suspension point is above or in front of the person to be secured. All anchorages are signed with an “A”. Furthermore, the front anchorage will be useful also for rescue purposes ...


Lanyards with energy absorbers are used to protect persons against falls and connect the harness with the anchor point. These lanyards with a fixed length are permitted to be a maximum of 2.0m. If longer lengths of rope are required (e.g. for work on roofs), safety ropes with fall arrester compliant with EN 353-2 must be used.

Work Positioning Ropes

Work positioning ropes provide work positioning for height work on ladders, steel scaffolds and other equipment, and must not be used as fall protection equipment. They are only to be used in all point attachment, i.e. they must always be attached by rope connection to a holding eyelet of a harness. For work positioning ropes with adjustable length, the best possible working length can be obtained by fall arrester KB2.

Fall Arresters and Safety Ropes

When using long Safety ropes, there is a danger of a long fall. Fall arresters use the safety rope to create the shortest connection possible between the attachment point and the full body harness. Here we have to differentiate between fixed locking fall arresters (type KB1 and KB2), and free-moving fall arresters (type AH3 and AH4). ...

Guided Type Fall Arrester

A fall protection system for vertical ladders at chimneys, masts and structures as well as in containers and shafts. The flexible special wire cable adapts event to displacement of the structure itself, so that no imperfections impede the ascent or descent. This fall protection system is always ready to use, so that it remains function-capable even in extreme weather conditions. The rope attachment points can be adjusted to meet local conditions (special configurations). ...

Anchor Devices

Anchor devices are equipment with one or more anchor points or for attaching safety systems. They are divided into different classes (class A-E), this classes divides the various types and applications (mobile or fixed installations or horizontal systems).


tripods are mobile anchor systems with one or more anchor points to fix a PPE or a rescue equipment.


Rescue Devices

Rescue devices are used to rescue people whose means of exit via stairs, ladders or elevators is blocked by fires, gases or other unforeseeable events. These devices are equipped with centrifugal force brakes, which provide a constant abseiling speed for the persons being rescued. The devices are constructed so that the braking unit works completely independently of the rope unit. This guarantees smooth functioning even in bad weather conditions. ...

The RsqTec rescue stretchers are a combination of patient transport device and lifebelt.

They have been developed for the rescue of injured persons from rooms with difficult access.

The rescue system is used for the horizontal and vertical transport from exposed positions for rope and air rescue.



For safeguard and protect the user necessary accessories, such as helmet, carabiner or other protection and rescue tools.

Rescue Device RG10-Roll

This Rescue device is especially developed for work in tank and hopper wagons, streetcars, busses and airplanes. To this end the workplaces are covered with horizontal steel cables or with steel supports on which the Rescue device can be moved horizontally using a suitable carriage. This produces the greatest possible freedom of movement and safety for the user. ...



MultiAccess <>

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Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks are used to protect against falls. They have an automatically retractable steel rope or belt strap, which keeps the connection taut at all times. In the event of a fall or if maximum work velocity is exceeded (approx. 1.5 m/s), centrifugal force engages the stopping blades, preventing the fall. The required stopping power is sup- plied by an integrated braking system. ...

Horizontal Safety Systems

Mittelmann manufactures a variety of technologically top-quality securing solutions that assure the safety of those working at great heights. We work with a network of carefully trained experts and can help you even with solutions for highly complex safety and access problems.