Horizontal Safety Systems

Horizontal Safety Systems

Mittelmann provide a variety of technologically top-quality securing solutions that assure the safety of those working at great heights. We work with a network of carefully trained experts and can help you even with solutions for highly complex safety and access problems. We offer fall protection systems that far exceed the minimal requirements given in the industry norms.

EN 795 Class C

System Uni-8

The best solution for new construction projects as well as roofs with limited inclines. The high-quality stainless steel rope system offers the user a cost-effecitve solution that is especially effective when combined with Force Management roof anchors

  • 8mm-Rope witha tensile strength of 3800 kg
  • Aesthetically pleasing components made of rustproof steel 316
  • Intermediate attachment points that re-direct the load, protecting the structure on which the system is mounted
  • In-Line-Fall Arresters limit the loads in the event of a fall and contribute tot he further protection of the structure
  • Section lengths of up to 12m between attachment points secure the fit even on complicated roof construction
  • Electropolished components guarantee long-lasting corrosion resistance

System Uni-8 Overhead

The best solution for industrial applications in which there is little room for surface movement and the attachment point must be positioned above the user’s head.

  • 8mm-Rope with a tensile strength of 4500 kg
  • Can be used in one or more sections
  • Pre-tension of 5 KN on the rope limits the play in the rope and assures good motion for the rope glider
  • Reinforced intermediate attachment points prevent rope warping and support it across longer distances
  • Span widths of up to 30m limit the need for attachment points that have to be attached to the structure
  • Fall arresters limit the load on the structure
  • Rope glides with two roles and bearings assure a very smooth transit across the system, even on very high construction jobs

System UniRail

Unirail offers solutions for more specialised safety problems. This can include areas where there is very little freedom of movement on the ground level in which one could catch a fall.

  • The rail system, made of extruded aluminium can also be added to a variety of metal roofs
  • Very aesthetic Fall protection
  • The rail provides lateral support to the roof structure, transfers the loads to favourable levels and limits the distributed load in a fall to less than half of the load that would occur in a rope fall arrester system
  • The rail system avoids those dangers that are inherent in rope-based and other roof-mounted rail systems, including the danger of swaying back and forth in a fall, frictional corrosion and re-tensioning ropes