Guided Type Fall Arrester AH5

Guided Type Fall Arrester

A fall protection system for vertical ladders at chimneys, masts and structures as well as in containers and shafts. The flexible special wire cable adapts event to displacement of the structure itself, so that no imperfections impede the ascent or descent. This fall protection system is always ready to use, so that it remains function-capable even in extreme weather conditions. The rope attachment points can be adjusted to meet local conditions (special configurations). (...) The fall protection system is available in galvanised and stainless steel.


EN 353-1

Fall Arrester AH5

Fall Arrester AH5  (GB)

Ident-Nr. 177805

  • standard EN 353-1:2018
  • Easy to use
  • attachment direction on the steel cable connot be confused thanks to integrated reverse lock
  • can be detached or attached at any position
  • moves freely up or down
  • housing made of rustproof steel, clamping jaw made of casehardened steel
  • max. load 130 kg
  • for Mittelmann steel wire Ø 8 mm

Fall Protection Device AH5

Fall protection device compliant with EN 353-1:2018

  • Attaches on steel and aluminium ladders
  • Attaches on rounded masts

Devices on request.