Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks are used to protect against falls. They have an automatically retractable steel rope or belt strap, which keeps the connection taut at all times. In the event of a fall or if maximum work velocity is exceeded (approx. 1.5 m/s), centrifugal force engages the stopping blades, preventing the fall. The required stopping power is sup- plied by an integrated braking system. (...) We offer fall arrest blocks in the following variants: with swirl-, or hanging suspension, in plastic or aluminium housing, with belt strap or steel rope, (galvanised as standard, also available in stainless steel for an extra charge). We can also supply fall arrest blocks with an additional rescue lifting device, which makes it possible to lift or lower an accident victim using the appropriate hand crank. Especially for climbing parks and sports facilities, we offer a fall arrest block/rescue device with digital counter. The counter shows exactly the number of descent trans- actions.With this device are 12,000 descent-meter possible without an Expert testing.The device is equipped with a specially developed backup system which is used in the case of brake failure by overstressing the device.


EN 360

Fall Arrest Block for mobile working palttforms


ACB 1,8 – 1,0kg

Aluminium housing with swirl suspension and belt strap, length 1.8m.

Especially designed as fall protection for users of mobile working plattforms, force into the attachment point under 3kN.

Ident-No. 177945

Fall Arrest Block with Swirl and Webbing Strap


Aluminium housing with swirl suspention and belt strap (length 2.0m; 2.8m; 3.5m)


HWB 2,0 - 0.8kg
Ident-No. 174512

HWB 2,0 + RH60, with pipe hook RH60
Ident-Nr. 175085

HWB 2,8 - 1.1kg
Ident-Nr. 172870

HWB 3,5 - 1.4kg
Ident-No. 174312

HWB 3,5 + RH60, with pipe hook RH60
Ident-No. 175180

Fall Arrest Block with Swirl and Webbing Strap


Plastic housing with swirl suspension and belt strap, different length:


HWPB   5,5 – 1,5kg,  Ident-No. 174521

HWPB   7,0 – 1,8kg,  Ident-No. 174522

HWPB   9,0 – 2,3kg,  Ident-No. 174523

HWPB 12,0 – 3,4kg,  Ident-No. 174524

HWPB 15,0 – 4,8kg,  Ident-No. 174525

Fall Arrest Block with Swirl and Steel Rope


Aluminium housing with swirl suspension and steel rope, different length:


HWS   4,5 - 2,7kg,  Ident-No. 174534

HWS   6,0 - 3,0kg,  Ident-No. 174535

HWS   9,0 - 3,7kg,  Ident-No. 174536

HWS 12,0 - 5,4kg,  Ident-No. 174537

HWS 18,0 - 6,9kg,  Ident-No. 174538

HWS 24,0 - 8,4kg,  Ident-No. 174539

Fall Arrest Blocks/Descent Device for Climbing Parks


ABS 5 – 7,0kg

Rescue device with freewheel, aluminum housing with hanging suspension and 10m steel rope. The digital counter measures the drum rotation cycles, showing the work performed (mx. 10.000m).

Ident-No. 176827

Fall Arrest Block with Rescue Function


Aluminium housing with hanging suspension and additional rescue lifting function.

Steel rope with diffent length:


HRA 12,0 – 07,0kg,  Ident-No. 171166

HRA 18,0 – 11,5kg,  Ident-No. 171165

HRA 24,0 – 16,0kg,  Ident-No. 171163

HRA 30,0 – 21,0kg,  Ident-No. 171162


Adapter HRA for Tripod DB-A2


Adapter HRA for tripod DB-A2

Ident-No. 175611

Pulley for 5mm Steel Rope

Pulley for 5mm steel rope

Ident-No. 171486

Tripod DB-A2

Tripod DB-A2 EN795

Aluminium weight 19kg

adjustable in height from 1,44-2,42m

with 2 integrated anchor points

maximum 2 Persons