Each rescue device must be testet annually - regardless of whether they have been used or be stored only for emergencies.
With the Mittelmann rescue barrel we were able to reduce costly audits and investments to a minimum.

The annual audit will be limited only to a visual inspection.

If there are no defects in the annual audit, the functional test of the product by the manufacturer or a person designated by the manufacturer is required after 10 years.

  • size   30l  black        Ident-No. 176549
  • size   30l  blue         Ident-No. 177289
  • size   30l  red           Ident-No. 180360
  • size   60l  blue         Ident-No. 176944
  • size 120l  blue         Ident-No. 178773




smart and sturdy transport barrel for PPE or rescue equipment, available in three colors:

  • 30l  black    Ident-No. 176146
  • 30l  blue     Ident-No. 177279
  • 30l  red       Ident-No. 179506



RescueBarrel (15L)

The small RescueBarrel

...offers space for ca. 40m core rope with rescue device and is very compact.

  • size   15l  black   Ident-No. 180650



Barrel Belt

Barrel Belt as lifting Accessoires especially developed for the rescue barrel, to ensure the safe transport by crane. Also equipped with a shoulder strap.

  • for size   30l   Ident-Nr. 176980
  • for size   60l   Ident-Nr. 176979 
  • for size 120l   Ident-Nr. 179566



Barrel Backpack

Barrel-Backpack for practible and comfortable transport of the equipment in the RescueBarrel

Ident-No. 176339

Rope Clip SK9 (for RG10)

Rope Clip SK9 for RG10, to shortening the rappelling rope on the rescue device for pendulum descent

Ident-Nr. 129200



Rope Clip SK9-10,5

Rope Clip SK9-10,5 for shortening the rappelling rope on the actual rescue devices MRG9, LiftEvac, RG11, for pendulum descent

Ident-Nr. 179930



Rescue Rope Clip SK16/SK12KM

Rope Clip SK16/SK12KM

  • for lifting accident victims wver an edge on their own belaying rope
  • based on EN 1496
  • usable for 16mm twisted rope
  • usable for 12-14mm core rope

Ident-Nr. 176778

Rescue Rope Grab RG10B

Rope Grab RG10B

  • standard EN567
  • weight: 375g
  • max. working load 140kg
  • usable with rope 8mm-16mm
  • usable with webbing 20-30mm wide and >1,5mm
  • usable with wire rope 4-5mm

Ident-Nr. 180770



Edge Protector KS1

Edge Protektor KS1 - fraying protection for ropes fed over edges

Ident-Nr. 104294  (with MBK 2202)

Ident-Nr. 178221  (with MTK 2985)



Edge Protector KS2

Edge Protector KS2 - fraying protection for ropes fed over edges

Ident-Nr. 176652  (with MBK 2202)

Ident-Nr. 178213  (with MTK 2985)



Rope Spacer Lever SH1

Rope Spacer Lever SH1 for belaying rope to make rook for attaching the rescue rope clip

Ident-Nr. 112707

Rope Spacer Lever SH2

Rope Spacer Lever SH2
for belaying rope to make rook for attaching the rescue rope clip
New shortened version!

Ident-Nr. 180895

Pulley UR30

Pulley UR30 tested under EN 795 complete with carabiner

Ident-Nr. 175330   (with MBK 2202)

Ident-Nr. 178624   (with MTK 2985)



Carabiner Hook MBK 2202

Carabiner MBK 2202

Ident-Nr. 124706

carabiner MTK 2985

Carabiner MTK 2985

with trilock closure

Ident-No. 176450



Accessorie-Set for Rescue Equipment

Accessorie-Set consisting of:

  • 1x rope spacer lever SH1
  • 1x edge protector KS1
  • 1x pulley UR30
  • 1x rescue rope clip SK16
  • 1x sling B25/endlos, 1,5m
  • 5x carabiner hook MBK2202
  • 1x plastic bag 190x500mm

Ident-Nr. 174264

Telescoping Pole "G"

Telescoping Pole G 5,4

6-way Telescopic Pole from 1.08 m to 5.4 m, for attaching a rescue rope to the casualty from greater distances, complete with trilock carabiner and bag with carrying straps.

Ident-Nr. 180051