Mittelmann Safety Engineering ***developed, manufactured and tested in Germany***


Full Body Harness
Work Positioning Ropes
Fall Arresters & Safety Ropes
Guided Type Fall Arrester AH5
Anchor Devices
Rescue Devices
Rescue Stretchers
Rescue Device RG10-Roll
Fall Arrest Blocks
Horizontal Safety Systems


Technology that saves lives

This slogan has become Mittelmann’s goal in safety engineering.

Since 1978 we have produced and developed safety technologies and devices to the highest level. Along with developing and producing high-value products, we offer a broad palette of services. Starting with audits and training to complete assembly and installation.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


We offer instruction for end-users in the operation and use of personal fall protection gear and rescue training that is compliant with the German Federal Health and Safety Guideline and Regulations.

Additionally, we train specialists in compliance with German Federal Health and Safety Guideline DGUV/312-906 for personal fall protective gear.

Dates and further information about the DGUV/312-906 you can find here.


Product consulting

We can advise you by telephone or personally on site concerning the proper use or proper choice of personal fall protection equipment, as well as permanently installed personal protective equipment and your options for height-work rescue equipment.

We will then assemble the necessary equipment individually to fit your particular needs.

Audit / Annual inspection

We perform the annual inspection of your personal protective equipment, incl. all full-body safety harnesses, belaying ropes/-straps and arrester gear from all manufacturers as well as rappelling-rescue devices and retractable fall arresters manufactured by Mittelmann and IKAR at an arranged appointment at your location.

Assembly & Repairs

We assemble our permanent personal protection systems, horizontal protection systems, and climbing safety systems for the client on-site and when necessary perform repairs on our personal protective systems.