For safeguard and protect the user necessary accessories, such as helmet, carabiner or other protection and rescue tools.

Protective Helmet UltraLight II

  • 6-point mounted strap
  • fully adjustable head and neck strap for the perfect fit
  • robust shell design comply to EN 397
  • four robust head torch clips
  • polished surfaces for customised identification or logo
  • Plug-In-System - attechment options for ear protectors
    and visor (Euroslot 30mm)
  • size:  54-64cm
  • weight: Height Work: 469g, Industry: 439g

Product information (PDF)


UltraLight II Industry
shell design and chin strap comply to EN 397 (25 daN)
(snow):  ID 179136





UltraLight II Height Work
shell design EN 397-complaint
chin strap EN 12492-complaint (50 daN)
snow: ID 179192
night:  ID 179135

Glove "Work Glove Close"

 Robust glove for via ferratas, rope workings and belaying.

  • Hook and loop closure at wrist
  • Robust calf leather on palms
  • Elastic synthetic fabric at the back of the hands
  • Forefinger and thumb free
  • Size M/L/XL

Protective Helmet

Protective Helmet for a secure hold while working at great heights with three-point mounting, colour white, standard EN 397

Ident-No. 129715

Protective Shell for Helmet

Protective Shell for Helmet

Winter accessorie

Ident-Nr. 129716

MBK 2202

Carabiner MBK 2202 standard EN 362

Mountaineering karabiner with screw lock.

Ident-Nr. 124706

MTK 2461

Carabiner MTK 2461 standard EN 362

Aluminium with trilock

Artikel-Nr. 177555

MTK 2985

Carabiner MTK 2985 standard EN 362

Mountaineering carabiner with trilock.

Ident-Nr. 176450

Pulley UR30

Pulley UR30 tested to EN 795 complete with carabiner MBK 2202

Ident-Nr. 175330

Plastic bags with Carry strap

Plastic Bag with shoulder strap and handle, waterproof welded seams, with window in DinA5 format.

  • 250 x 450mm    Ident-No. 176677
  • 350 x 600mm    Ident-No. 177026
  • 300 x 700mm    Ident-No. 177025
  • 350 x 750mm    Ident-No. 176055

Plastic Bag (Backpack)

Plastic bag (backpack)

Artikel-Nr. 177339

  • padded shoul- der straps
  • water resistent
  • size 300 x 750mm

Plastic-Equipment Case

Plastic-Equipment Case

size 370 x 450 x 135 mm

Ident-Nr. 171532


Carabiner RH120 - remote operable Pipe hook with norm coupling for remote/telescoping pole.

Ident-Nr. 106308


Carabiner RH60FB - remote operable Pipe hook with norm coupling for remote-/telescoping pole, can be opened by tugging rope.

Ident-Nr. 106050

Remote-/Telescoping poles

Remote-/Telescoping Poles

length max. 3,1m
with norm coupling for remote operable hook
Ident-Nr. 174904

length max. 4,1m
with norm coupling for remote operable hook
Ident-Nr. 174905


Accessories for Rescue Equipments


Accessories for rescue equipments you can find here.